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Opera in 3 Acts

ACT I: Thorn, living in a forest cottage with her sister Willow, dreams of finding love, despite Willow's skepticism. In the evening, Thorn encounters Merek in the woods, and they share a heartfelt moment before he departs, promising to return.

ACT II: Merek, welcomed at a village tavern, learns of rumors portraying Thorn as a witch. Curious, he joins the villagers in an attempt to antagonize her, leading to a confrontation during which Thorn curses the villagers in a fit of anger.

ACT III: Amid a somber forest morning, Thorn laments the villagers' cruelty. Merek returns, and they express their love for each other, planning a future together. However, Merek suddenly falls ill and confesses his involvement in the villagers' attack. He dies in Thorn's arms, leaving her shattered and in shock.

"THORN" promises to be a compelling and emotionally charged opera, a testament to the enduring power of love and nature amid adversity. The composer states, “The music is incredibly melodic and will please the ears of all listeners. The sets of this opera will be as amazing as the music. I am sparing no expense to bring this product to the world of musical theatre.”  Perricelli's dedication to its creation is sure to result in moving and memorable performances as it graces the stage in Winter/Spring of 2024/2025.