Marcangelo Perricelli's "House On Edison"

Marcangelo Perricelli's "House on Edison”, his 14th release on the Masterson Records label, is a groundbreaking exploration of ambient music that breaks free from stereotypes, immersing listeners in lush sonic landscapes. It effortlessly bridges the gap between noise and silence, offering solace to its audience.


Perricelli's ambient tradition involves extended notes and chord lingering, creating sonic variation by altering sound timbres through new instruments and electronic filters. This approach results in a dynamic, evolving sonic palette that keeps listeners engaged throughout the album.


The use of "Synthestral Music," a term coined by Perricelli, introduces a contemporary electronic dimension to the album's sonic landscape. Each track takes the listener on a sonic journey through Perricelli's meticulous manipulation of sound elements, including lush pads, orchestral percussion, and occasionally eerie overtones. The album invites exploration of diverse auditory landscapes, evoking a sense of ritual and immersion.


Within this collection of 21 pieces are 7 works scored for the video series "Requiem for the Dolls" by Char Szabo-Perricelli. Each doll represents a cross-section of humanity and societal struggles. Perricelli's "Suite" poignantly captures the mood of each dolls’ tragedy.


In summary, "House on Edison" by Marcangelo Perricelli defies conventions in ambient music, offering a transformative journey through lush soundscapes and textured atmospheres. It showcases Perricelli's innovative approach to music, revealing his mastery of storytelling through sound.

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